How An Adult Education Center Can Help You Advance In The Workplace

1 October 2015
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If you feel like you're stuck in a minimum wage job, but you can't afford to go to college or trade school, then you should look into taking classes at your local adult education center. You may find classes that lead to a lifelong career. If nothing else, you can take classes to help you land a better paying job so you can save up to go to college later. Here's a quick look at adult education classes.

Community Supported Centers

Adult education classes are offered in a variety of institutions. Some colleges offer classes for adults to learn new skills or pursue interests for personal growth. However, if you need the classes to complete your high school diploma or learn basic skills to help you get a good start in the workforce, then you may want to look for a community supported center in your area. These centers may be associated with a local college or they may be independent. Their goal is to improve the workforce in the community, so they are able to provide what is needed in your local area. That increases your chance of finding employment once you complete your courses.

Courses Are Specific

When you go to college, you take a lot of elective classes to earn your degree. When you undergo training at an adult education center, you take specific classes that teach you the basics of what you need to know. You generally earn a certification rather than a degree. For instance, your center may offer CNA classes. CNA classes are usually short and the jobs are in high demand. You'll be able to transition to a higher paying job you may like well enough to stay with the rest of your working life. However, you can also use being a CNA as a springboard into a career as a nurse or doctor. You'll have a well-paying job to support yourself as you go through college, and you may even be able to work for an employer that helps pay for your college tuition.

Some other courses you may find at your local adult education center include computer classes, GED, HVAC training, and truck driving. Depending on the center you choose, you may find classes for LPN training, medical office assisting, or web site design. You'll probably find classes on CPR certification, child care, and first aid. While some classes train you for a career, others such as CPR and computer classes help you keep your skills up to date. This makes you more valuable as an employee in the job you already have or plan to apply for.

One thing to look into when you're choosing an adult education class is your potential for employment once you have your certification. Local businesses often look to adult education centers to fill their job openings. If the school you choose helps with job placement when you complete your courses, that is an added benefit. Don't avoid adult classes because you hated school or had bad grades as a kid. Adult education is more about learning skills rather than sitting through boring math or English classes. Since the courses are usually only a few weeks or months in length, it's definitely worth pursuing if you want to get a higher paying job.

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