Tips On How To Find Comanche Artifacts For Your Native American Studies

7 November 2016
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Native American studies offer a fascinating insight into the culturally-diverse and highly interesting tribes that peopled this nation. One of the most heavily studied of these is the Comanche. They were a hunting tribe that spread over a vast range in the southwest and which had a very heated history with the American government. Finding their artifacts for your Native American studies class can be a difficult, but rewarding, experience. Make sure to get permission from the tribe before taking any artifacts. Read More 

Rise Of The Health Coach: Medical Assistants’ Expanding Role In The Health Care Game

16 February 2016
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The business of medicine has always been as complicated and time-consuming as a role-playing game. With the increased paperwork, regulations and cost-cutting measures imposed on health care practices, physicians often must sacrifice adequate communication with their patients. Medical assistants have come to the rescue as hospitals, private practices and public clinics realize the untapped potential in the frequent and close patient/medical--assistant contact. Medical assistants are now being trained to be health coaches. Read More