Three Additional Ratings To Consider After Your Initial Flight Training

9 May 2018
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Many people obtain flight pilot's license through a flight school and are happy to use it to fly as a hobby. Flying can be a relaxing activity and even a fun and effective way to get around. For other pilots, the initial training only serves as a warm-up. These people will constantly be curious about further developing their skills at the control of their airplane, and will seek out training programs that will give them additional ratings as pilots. Often, you can take your additional ratings at the same flight school at which you got your pilot's license. Here are three ratings that you might wish to consider.

Night Rating

Your pilot's license doesn't allow you to fly in the dark, so if you're finding that you want to extend the hours in the day in which you can be in the air, a training program that gives you your night rating will be of interest to you. This program introduces you to the many challenges that come with flying at night, and dramatically expands your ability to enjoy flying your own plane. For example, if you find that you're frequently having to cut your flights short because dusk is drawing near, you'll no longer have to do so.

Multi Engine Rating

Your pilot's license gives you the ability to fly single-engine aircraft, and there are plenty of planes available to rent or buy that fit this description. If you're eager for a new challenge, however, you might want to think about obtaining your multi engine rating. This license allows you to fly planes that have two or more engines — although, in most cases, you'll be flying two-engine planes. The extra power that these aircraft possess comes with its share of challenges, so getting your multi engine rating will make you a more knowledgeable and accomplished pilot.

Commercial Rating

You might be interested in using your flight training to make some money, rather than viewing flying solely as a hobby. For example, perhaps you like the idea of flying fishers and hunters into remote areas and earning some money for doing so. A commercial rating will allow you to do so. This type of flight training focuses on many elements, including helping you to understand the commerce of being a pilot and how to be profitable running your own flying business. Speak to your local flight school for more information about these enhanced ratings.